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The "Dessgeega chamber" is a room in Sector 2 / Cryosphere. It appears in Metroid: Other M.


Samus passes through this room during her exploration of the Cryosphere in search of survivors. The chamber is a room divided by a large, raised section. The left side of the room has minimal features, and is inhabited by a small group of Snomers. A blast door is found on the left wall, with a red panel near it. It is likely that this is used to open the doors, although it cannot be interfaced with in-game. Where it leads to is unknown. Hanging above the back wall is an exhaust vent that releases cold air at regular intervals; beside it is a light that flickers light blue when it is about to release air. Underneath that is a collapsed vent that leads in from the second half of the room, and can be used to return to the entrance. The ceiling contains a large vent, out of which icicles can be seen growing.

Samus firing at the Dessgeegas.

Near the right side of the room is a raised platform with part of it covered by a wall. There is a small enough gap under the wall for the Morph Ball to fit through, otherwise Samus is able to stand on the exposed platform. This platform is at the base of a pair of walls that can be ascended with the Kick Climb. A ladder is visible on the back wall, but is not usable in gameplay. It was likely used by the BOTTLE SHIP's researchers. The Kick Climb shaft leads to the top of the raised section dividing the room, allowing Samus to drop down to the second part. A small hole in the raised section leads into the collapsed vent near the room's entrance, providing Samus with a way back if she wishes.

The second part of the room contains another air exhaust and another vent, not collapsed, which leads to a Missile Tank (see below). Another blast door is found on the right wall as well. Samus is forced into a battle with two Dessgeegas here, the only specimens of their kind to be encountered outside of the Pyrosphere during Other M. Defeating the creatures unlocks the door, allowing Samus to continue.

Connecting rooms[]



Missile Tank
Samus must roll into the broken vent on the right side of the room and roll through it. At the end, it leads into a small alcove containing the tank.

Official data[]

Metroid: Other M Premiere Edition[]

Page 89
"In the next room, roll into the small shaft-like area, then Kick Climb up the shaft to reach a higher level. Move right across the room to another section and drop down on the other side. Take out the Dessgeegas and pass through the hatch on the far-right corner."
Missile Tank!:"A Missile Tank is in a small compartment high above this room. Walk to the broken vent in the far-right corner of the room, near the hatch, and grab onto the vent. Pull yourself into it and you'll enter into Morph Ball mode. Roll along the vent to its end then jump into the room above it. The Missile Tank is in the small room."