The Dialanche

The Dialanche is Spire's Alt-Form. This is most likely an attribute shared by the Diamonts, Spire's race.

Description[edit | edit source]

The Dialanche is able to climb on nearly any surface, provided that the surface is flat enough to climb on (such as a wall), however, there are exceptions, such as the fact that the Dialanche cannot grab on to ledges. The actual climbing is achieved by the yellow diamond spikes protuding from the sphere's surface gripping onto the object and pulling and pushing the sphere across the mentioned object. Even in Dialanche form, Spire is able to withstand lava, so speedier locomotion through lava can be achieved through the Dialanche.

To attack, the Dialanche uses the Fire Blade, two sharp, rock "arms" that detach themselves from the core of the Dialance and swing in orbit around the core. The "arms" quickly tear through opponents. However, due to its purely melee approach, the Dialanche is more of a defensive alternate form, but if Spire is able to trap an opponent, this method of attack instantly transforms into something offensive and can easily take his opponent down.

Multiplayer role[edit | edit source]

The Dialanche's climbing ability may be used to get on top of pillars in the Alinios Gateway for sniping in Metroid Prime Hunters multiplayer. However, when climbing walls, he moves slowly and has the tendency to fall off.

The Dialanche does more damage closer to the spinning blades. Direct contact with the opponent can take off as much as 64 units of energy per swipe, but it can also do as little as 8 per swipe if the opponent is barely hit.

  • The Dialanche is similar to Thardus' ability to morph into a boulder shape and smash targets.

Logbook entry[edit | edit source]


Metroid Prime Hunters

Logbook entry

SPIRE's alternative form is the DIALANCHE, a hypercondensed ferrous orb able to roll at high speeds. The DIALANCHE is equipped with two retractable titanium limbs used to batter adversaries.

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