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The "Diggernaut arena" is an unnamed room in Area 6. It appears in Metroid: Samus Returns. It is where Samus Aran battles the Diggernaut and acquires the Power Bomb that it took from a Chozo Statue.


The "Diggernaut arena" is located near the elevator to Area 7. Much like the rest of the area, it has a purple tint. It is a massive chamber with a large pair of blast doors in the far background. The presence of industrial architecture and purple orb-like crystals suggest that the room was once a mining site, and/or the chamber where the Diggernaut was stored. It has a paved floor with an octagonal pattern. The left wall has a door behind it, but is impenetrable by any weapons. Aside from this there are very few unique physical attributes to the arena.

Samus enters this room while exploring Area 6. As soon as she steps inside, the door locks behind her and the blast doors in the background begin to open. Three small robots scurry away as the Diggernaut, which she previously encountered twice, emerges from an air lock behind the doors. It moves into the room and observes Samus, who prepares for battle. The Diggernaut moves its arms and main body into the foreground at varying points as the battle progresses, giving Samus new weak spots to exploit. After its defeat, it begins to explode and releases the Power Bomb it stole from a Chozo Statue earlier, before slumping to the ground. Its right arm smashes into the left wall, damaging it and exposing the door behind it. As Samus approaches the Power Bomb, the robot weakly attempts to rise again. Without looking at it, Samus charges a Plasma Beam shot and fires it at the Diggernaut's face, destroying it for good. She can then collect the Power Bomb and lay one to completely obliterate the Diggernaut and the wall covering the exit. The door leads to a vertical shaft that takes her back to previously explored caves.

After this, the room remains empty (aside from a Blob Swarm taking up residence in the chamber) and there is little incentive to revisit it.

Connecting rooms[]

Samus enters the room from a large, purple-tinted cavern with crystals and ledges in the background, It leads into a vertical shaft with the first Power Bomb Tank.



MSR Power Bomb.png
Power Bomb
Rewarded after defeating the Diggernaut.

Official data[]

Metroid: Samus Returns Official Guide[]

Page 170
"Blast your way through, then head through the Charge Door at the end of the hall. Make sure you're ready before you do: sensors show that something big is lurking in the room beyond the Charge Door."
Page 174
"The Diggernaut's shell blocks your way out of the room. Plant a Power Bomb to destroy its remains and gain access to the leftmost door."


  • After Diggernaut's defeat, the Blob Swarm only spawns if Samus first passes through the room to the left before reentering this room from either doorway. Otherwise, the room remains empty.