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Diligence Class Drones are the first cleaning units designed by the Luminoth, modified for use in the war with the Ing. They have now turned rogue. They patrol circular tunnels and perform their duties with three energy beams shooting outwards from their bodies. Diligence Class Drones can only be destroyed with the Dark and Annihilator Beams, though it is possible to simply bypass them using the Morph Ball. They are the predecessors to the Harmony Class Drones, and have a Darkling version, the Dark Diligence Drone.


Logbook entry[]

Diligence Class Drone

Metroid Prime 2: Echoes

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Mechanism: "Diligence" Class Drone
Rogue maintenance unit. Roving mechanoid with energy-based attacks. Vulnerable to dark energy.

Logbook entry

The Diligence drones were the first cleaning units designed by the Luminoth. They were modified for combat duty once the war began, but were outshined by the newer Harmony-class units. A Diligence uses focused energy beams to perform its duty. Their energy construct nature makes them invulnerable to most attacks, though dark energy can disrupt them.


  • They resemble both the Scatter Bombu as well as the Atomic, displaying identical behaviour to the former.
    • A slight difference between the Scatter Bombu and Diligence Class Drone is that the Scatter Bombu emits streams of electricity, while the Diligence Class Drone emits energy beams.
  • Diligence Class Drones emit energy from three spheres positioned in an equilateral triangle. This symbol, resembling the Luminoth letter "F", is found on many other artifacts and creatures in Echoes, including the Luminoth themselves.