The distant sight is a (likely psionic) precognitive ability possessed by the Chozo inhabitants of Tallon IV. It is unknown by what mechanism the ability operates, but it has proven uncannily accurate in predicting the arrival of Phazon. The use of distant sight may be partly responsible for design of much Chozo architecture that appears designed specifically for Samus in her adventures.


Chozo script translated.

"Many Chozo are gifted with the distant sight, and even more begin to learn it as our harmonization with the universe becomes more and more complete. We peer forward, seeing prophecy in the ripples of the water, hearing rumors of coming days on the breath of the wind. Though we celebrate the distant sight, many of these visions are dark--the worst of the prophecies, and the most common, tells of the coming of the Worm. Born from parasites, nurtured in a poisoned womb, the Worm grows, devouring from within, until the world begins to rot. Not all prophecies come to pass, of course, but we cannot help but fear this dark portent."