Docking Bay 5 is the only Gunship Landing Site on the G.F.S. Valhalla. It appears in Metroid Prime 3: Corruption.


Docking Bay 5 bears much resemblance to that of the G.F.S. Olympus. Unlike the Olympus, however, there is no exit out from a door on the right. The only way into the ship is a blast door, which on the Olympus is only opened from the other side, and once. In the background the Klar Nebula can be seen, as well as wreckage from Stiletto-Class Fighters and Griffin-class frigates.

The blast door is opened with a Hand Scanner. Even then, this Hand Scanner is powered down, and cannot be used. To the left of the hangar door is an Energy Cell Station, one of nine on the Valhalla that Samus Aran can use to continue exploring or collect extra expansions. Samus must insert one of her Energy Cells (if she has any) to gain access. For her convenience, one is located directly under a damaged Stiletto fighter.

Connecting rooms[]


The Energy Cell in Docking Bay 5.

Energy Cell
See above.


Stiletto-Class Fighter 1
"Stiletto fighter wreckage. Thrusters damaged in combat. Impact was unavoidable."
Hand Scanner
"Control terminal powered by nearby Energy Cell Station. Unit is currently offline."
Hand Scanner (online)
"Control terminal online. Engage hand scanner to open hangar doors."
Hangar doors
"Hangar doors controlled by nearby terminal. Use the terminal to open the doors."
Stiletto-Class Fighter 2
"Stiletto fighter destroyed. Severe hull damage detected. Energy systems short-circuiting."
Griffin-class frigate remains
"Federation frigate wreckage. Hull appears to have taken a direct hit from a Space Pirate destroyer."
Stiletto-Class Fighter 3
"Stiletto fighter has been damaged in combat. No life signs detected within."