Docking Bay Access is the second room explored on the G.F.S. Olympus during Metroid Prime 3: Corruption. It consists of two levels. On both levels, the "western wall" displays schematics, as well as a viewing window for departing Stiletto-class fighters, which are monitored by some Fleet Troopers. The rest of the level is a wide rectangular space that provides room for some Galactic Federation Crates. Normally, these levels are joined by two access ramps, but when Samus enters the lower level from Docking Bay 5, the ramps are jammed due to the ramp's control switch malfunctioning. Samus must use a Charge Beam shot on each of the two switches to loosen any jammed parts in the switch and raise the access ramps. Samus may then continue on her journey upon accessing the upper floor.

Connecting roomsEdit



"Display image is showing a status overview of one of the docked fighter squadrons."
"Projector is currently displaying all conveyer routes throughout the battleship."
Control terminal
"Conveyer control terminals are used to route fighters through areas of the G.F.S. Olympus."
Display (2)
"Display image is detailing the current status of one of the docked fighters."
Access ramp
"Access ramps to upper floor are retracted and appear to be malfunctioning."
"Terminal operates the access ramp control switch located above this station."
Control switch
"Access ramp control switch is malfunctioning. A strong blast may loosen any jammed parts."
Control switch
"Access ramp control switch has been moved into position and is now operating normally."
"The emergency evacuation exits for an Olympus-class ship are all marked on this map."
Control terminal (2)
"These control terminals are often used in the training of new recruits."
Access ramp (2)
"Access ramps to upper floor are extended and now locked into place."
"Schematic detailing the Griffin-class frigate, used as an escort vessel to larger ships."


  • If Samus gets close to one of the Fleet Troopers near the Stiletto fighter, she can overhear them talking about the Horus Rebellion.
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