This article is about the room in the BSL research station. For other uses, see Docking Bay (Disambiguation).

The Docking Bays are a small part of the Biologic Space Laboratories research station's Main Deck where Samus Aran lands her Starship in Metroid Fusion. When Samus first lands in the Docking Bays, they are in excellent condition. The computer then sends Samus to investigate an explosion.


Roughly at the midpoint of the game, after Samus frees the Etecoons and Dachoras by opening a hatch on the Habitation Deck, they flee to the Starship. As a result, Adam requests that Samus return to her ship to question about the two species that invaded, though the station suffers a complete power outage before Samus can return to the Docking Bays, and therefore, is forced to find an alternate route. When Adam does mention about them, he recognizes them as the survivors in the Habitation Deck, and decides to protect them for Samus.

Ending scene.

At Metroid Fusion's end-game, after Samus has set the BSL station to crash into SR388, she heads back to the Docking Bay and finds the nearby rooms in ruins. Once she enters the Docking Bays, Samus finds that her ship is gone with a large gaping hole the wall and a large Metroid Husk is in its place. As Samus is about to leave the room, an Omega Metroid jumps out and attacks her.

The SA-X comes to Samus's aid, though it cannot defeat the Omega Metroid. Samus absorbs the X Parasite the SA-X leaves behind, allowing her to use the Ice Beam against the Metroid. Once she defeats it, her Starship returns to the Docking Bays, piloted by the computer Adam Malkovich with the help of the Etecoons and Dachoras she saved earlier.


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Metroid Fusion manual[]

"This is where Samus first enters the space station. Her ship is located here."