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"What's the matter? All I said was that Komaytos look like little Metr—"

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They sell war. Naturally, they are merchants of death, and their organization is called the Dominion!

Samus Aran

The Dominion (ドミニオン?) is the name of a shady organization operating from the Demon Planet, seen in Samus and Joey volume 3. They are particularly fascinated with the fighting prowess and Chozo technology of Samus Aran, and seek to kill her for that technology, which they intend to sell. The Dominion appears to be led by five men, all of whom wear visors covering their eyes. The merchants of death, as Samus calls them, were responsible for the creation of U-ton, the Hunter-Killers, the Samus Tank and Integra, among other mechanisms. The latter three were based on Samus, who found herself unimpressed by them. Samus fights them throughout volume 3 of the manga. In Metroid EX, they provide technology for the Greed Corps, seeking to benefit from the chaos their operations will bring about.

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"These merchants of death profit from starting up wars and selling weapons. They are scattered throughout the galaxy."

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