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The Doomseye is a Space Pirate battleship and their "strategic weapon" in the Bermuda System operation. Under the control of Master Brain, it is the main antagonist of Metroid Prime: Federation Force and the final location. The Pirates seek to use Doomseye to take their revenge against the Galactic Federation after their organization was weakened following the loss of Phazon during Metroid Prime 3: Corruption. It is the setting of the last mission, M22: Convergence, in which the Federation Force must infiltrate the Doomseye and disable its protection shield, so it may be destroyed.


Samus Aran, dispatched by the Federation to investigate the Space Pirate presence in the Bermuda System, first discovered a hint at a "strategic weapon" at the end of M07: Cauldron. She and the Federation Force later discovered that the Space Pirates were stockpiling a newly-discovered Liquid Resource from Excelcion and power cells from Bion, and combining the two to create a massively powerful energy source. They had also created size-increasing technology based on that used by the ancient Bion race.

The G.F.S. Daedalus intercepted Space Pirate data, but was attacked. The Force downloaded the data through an uplink in the ship's wreckage and the Federation intelligence team slowly but surely began to decode it. It revealed the existence of the Doomseye, and the Pirates' ultimate plan: to use it in an attack on Galactic Federation Headquarters. General Alex Miles noted that it should not be possible for a weapon of this scale and size to be undetected. They later receive encrypted Space Pirate messages Samus had recovered, before they lose contact with her. The messages reveal that the Doomseye is being concealed with highly advanced cloaking technology. Its cloak is powered by three Transfer Devices on each of the planets in the Bermuda System: Excelcion, Bion and Talvania. At the end of M21: The Core, the final device was destroyed and the Doomseye was unmasked. However, as the Federation readied their assault, the Doomseye fired a massive laser beam that wiped out much of the fleet.

During M22: Convergence, the Federation Force encounters Samus Aran, taken hostage by the Space Pirates aboard the Doomseye. She is brainwashed, and her size increased, and then forced to fight the Federation Force. The Force defeats her, and she regains her sense of self before being crushed by falling debris. Continuing into the ship, the Force destroys Master Brain, a generator that powered the shield protecting the Doomseye. With nothing holding them back, the Galactic Federation begins an attack on the Doomseye. The Federation Force fails to escape in time, and begins to float into space until Samus rescues them with her Gunship.