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Door m

A Door Jump is a glitch in the original Metroid game that allowed Samus to jump inside of doors and walls. It is commonly used to find Hidden Worlds.[1] It is also used for Sequence Breaking; for example, the Ice Beam can be collected without the Bombs by using this glitch.[2]

A variation of the Door Jump is also featured in Super Metroid, where it is most useful for getting to Tourian without killing a single Space Pirate commander. It is also useful for avoiding the encounter with the Big Metroid and the fight with Mother Brain, though Samus still must escape Zebes.[1]

How to performEdit

The player needs the Morph Ball to perform this. Rapidly morphing in and out of ball form gives them a small lift off the ground.

A Door Jump is performed by doing the following steps:

  1. Opening a door.
  2. Letting the door close on Samus.
  3. Rapidly pressing the A button and down on the directional pad. Pressing down first then jumping is recommended to aid ascension.[3]
  4. Once above the door, jumping a bit to gain some distance.
  5. Repeating Step 3.

If the player messes up while in the wall they will be stuck in the wall until they die or resets the game. If they mess up while they are still in the door they can press left or right (which side the door is on doesn't matter) to get out.

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