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The Door lock system is a security system within Bryyo Cliffside. It is opened by Samus during Metroid Prime 3: Corruption, while she is searching for Rundas. It was presumably an invention of the Reptilicus.

This door is located in the Gateway and inhibits further progression into the cliffside. It is accessible by a weakened bridge, which will hold Samus's weight, but collapses when she uses her Grapple Lasso to pull down a platform. The door has two locks, with a pair of hands forming a circle etched into the stonework. The upper stone is green, while the lower one is orange. When each lock is opened, they rotate, and the fists on the door uncurl and retract. When the door is unlocked, it opens automatically from the sides, and remains open for the rest of the game.

To open the locks, Samus must navigate through small tunnels in the Gateway's central solar-energy collector and use Bomb Slots at the ends. Underneath these are locks that match those on the door; using the Bomb Slots will cause Fuel Gel to trickle in thin streams through two channels connected to the locks, and run over the cliff. When this is done, the locks underneath the Bomb Slots will turn in place. Activating the first Bomb Slot will also spawn swarms of Phazon Nightbarbs, and lower a pair of platforms allowing Samus to reach the top of the solar-energy collector again. Activating the other Bomb Slot raises a structure on the right side of the room, spawning Gel Puffers, while causing another structure to collapse on the left side and block a platform.

Behind the door lock system is another ball tunnel leading to Reliquary II and the Grand Court.


"Door lock system engaged. Unable to bypass security. Engage override to open doors."