Double Path is a room in Dark Agon Wastes. It appears in Metroid Prime 2: Echoes.


The top portion of the room.

Like the name suggests, Double Path is made of two paths, one above and one below. The floor of the upper path consists of stone and some metal grating, that allows Samus to see the path below. There is a layer of raised rock in the middle of the upper path with a Light Beacon floating above it. There are two Dark Splinters in the upper path as well. The lower path has two small ponds of Dark Water with safe ground and another Light Beacon between them. There are several Darkling Tentacles that try to prevent others from crossing. The Light Aether version of this room is Command Center Access.

Connecting rooms[]


2 Dark Splinters
"Morphology: Dark Splinter
Darkling-possessed insectoid predator.
The alien symbiote within the Splinter augments its strength and durability. Threat level raised."
Darkling Tentacles
"Morphology: Darkling Tentacle
Dimension-warping Ing tendril.
Darkling will open warps and attempt to grapple enemy targets. Dislikes bright light."