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Joey... if you're on the road to adventure like your father... I'll go off to hone my skills as a doctor. I will help others, whatever their injuries.

—Dr. Diana Apronika

Dr. Diana Apronika (Dr. ディアナ · アポロニカ Dr. Diana Aporonika?) is the widow of Rand Apronika and mother of Joey, the boy from Liberty. She is a character exclusive to Samus and Joey.


First seen in chapter 6 of Samus and Joey on board the Special Forces Ship Otowa, Dr. Apronika panics when the ship becomes inoperable after entering the gravity field of a planet in the Beta System. She is concerned for the President of Kankei, who is being secretly treated aboard the ship.

Joey discovers his mother is on the ship in a news report stating that it has gone missing. He and Diesel set off in search of it in the latter's Junk Hawk. While traveling, Joey reveals that his mother left him after the death of his father to continue her work, leaving him in the care of his grandfather.

Dr. Apronika is then seen being attacked by a group of giants until Samus Aran rescues them. Apronika is grabbed by one of them, and just as it is about to eat her, Joey attacks the creature using his Field Knuckle. Apronika is last seen having a reunion with her son, before departing for space to continue her work yet again.

She is mentioned in chapter 16, when the President of Kankei gives Joey a stack of missed homework from her.

Diana returns in the final chapter of Metroid EX, the sequel to Samus and Joey. She is seen aboard the Medical Space Station witnessing a black hole being opened in the universe by Greed. She wonders whether something has happened to her son.

Volume 2 data[]

"Joey's mother. A skilled doctor, she conducts work in outer space."

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