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"What's the matter? All I said was that Komaytos look like little Metr—"

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Dragüd (ドラグード Doragūdo?) is a crocodillian-looking Space Pirate with curled horns. He has only appeared in the Samus and Joey manga as the main antagonist of Volume 1. He leads many Pirates, including Doruba, and has a throne and animal pelt in his own spaceship. He brags that he has a power beyond that of the Metroid, which he plans to use against Samus Aran, though the mission on the frontier planet of Liberty appears to be secretly focused on Joey.

Dragüd then explains how he lost many of his minions when exploring a planet (possibly SR388) that was inhabited by Metroids. By researching a dead one, he was able to create the so-called power beyond the Metroids themselves: the Megaroid. Samus later fights several of Dragüd's forces while Joey inflitrates his ship (without Samus' knowledge), using a Pirate skin for disguise so he can see the Megaroid, which has escaped. The Megaroid then sucks the energy out of the ship's crew.

A giant beast comes and attacks the survivors. This is the Megaroid, having destroyed Dragüd's Ship by consuming its energy to grow to its gigantic size. Whether Dragüd survived this event is still unknown.


"Boss of the 8 kinds of Space Pirates. Would abuse biological weapons if they came into his hands."

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