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A Dragotix

A Dragotix is a Charging-Type Monster enemy with a giant mouth featured in Metroid: Other M. It has two legs and two heads, one resembling a massive crocodile-like mouth and the other being a smaller bird-like head on a long neck with two small tentacles. The larger head will try to eat Samus, while the smaller one emits a stream of blue flame. If it eats Samus, a Dragotix can be escaped from by laying a Morph Ball Bomb. It has a glowing core on its abdomen, which is its weak point, a trait it shares with the Groganch and Gigafraug. It slightly resembles the Ithrak species from Metroid Prime Hunters.

Samus can use Lethal Strike on the Dragotix by freezing its large mouth and then fire a Charge Beam shot at the creature's belly. This creature can also be killed by shooting 3 Missiles at the weak point on its stomach.

Nintendo Official Guidebook for Metroid Other MEdit

"In addition to the one on its head, a giant mouth sits at Dragotix's tail, making it impossible to tell which end is the front. You'll take a lot of damage if bitten."


  • Interestingly, the Dragotix is only found in two areas on the BOTTLE SHIP: in the Observation Room of Sector 1 / Biosphere, and the experimental simulated desert area of Sector 3 / Pyrosphere.
  • The Dragotix is somewhat similar to the Queen Metroid, which also appears in the game as the penultimate boss. It can be killed in the same manner by dropping Bombs in the stomach.
  • A baby Dragotix is never seen in-game, although it is in the concept art.
  • Dragotixes are the only creatures in Other M to project blue flames. Other creatures like Magdollites, Ridley, and the Queen Metroid spew reddish orange flames. Interestingly, blue flames are hottest next to white.
  • The Dragotix is similar in movement and weakness to the Sheegoth.
  • Humorously, the first Dragotix Samus fights can be found curled up asleep in a corner of the upper level of the Observation Room. While asleep it is invulnerable to everything except Power Bombs or a Screw Attack, and will only awaken to fight Samus once the room's holographic generator is deactivated.
    • While asleep, it can be observed constantly twitching and shivering, in a manner that suggests the creature is dreaming. It also makes sounds akin to snoring.
    • Just before it awakens, Little Birdie's cry can be heard from an unknown location.
  • This first Dragotix will also occasionally awaken and walk inside the ruined elevator shaft in a nearby wall. Once inside, it will become "stuck", and walk endlessly forward without ever actually moving in a manner similar to the first Groganch. Since it will not attack, move, or deal contact damage, it can be easily damaged, although if it receives any damage it will turn around, charge, and escape. Alternatively, as it does not block the entirety of the shaft, Samus can simply ignore it, Kick Climb up the shaft normally, and leave the room.