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Japanese Metroid Prime 3: Corruption scan.

The Dread-Class Turret (ドレッド級タレット Doreddo-kyū taretto?) is only mentioned in the Japanese version of Metroid Prime 3: Corruption, in a Space Pirate panel in the Pirate Homeworld's Metroid Processing room. This scan is a replacement of the controversial Metroid project "Dread" scan found in all other versions of Corruption, which supposedly referred to the rumored Metroid Dread game. The terminal adjacent to the one mentioning the Dread-Class Turret still speaks of a project utilizing Metroids as weapons. Notably it is the only scan in Corruption (the Japanese version, at least) to have more than three lines of data.


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"Space Pirates data decrypted: Ordnance research and development progress report. The development of Dread-Class Turret is going well."

Adjacent terminal scanEdit

"Decoding of encrypted Pirate data complete:
Experiments for using Metroids as weapons
still unsuccessful. They will not listen to us.

Although we try to catch them, they attack
to attack us instead of the bait. Every time
we try to lure them, we risk our lives!"