The Drill is a large tool of Galactic Federation design that is used in Metroid Prime: Federation Force. It is a mission-critical object in M18: Hightower.

Prior to that mission, the Federation discovers that the Space Pirates have built their headquarters on Talvania beneath an underground gas pocket, making it impossible to breach. General Alex Miles comes up with a plan to use a large Drill to fire a laser through the ground and open a shaft, into which they can fire a missile to destroy the Pirate base. Miles orders the Federation Force to protect the Drill until it finishes drilling through the ground (via laser beam).

The Drill will take 10 minutes to finish its job. In an effort to defend their base, the Space Pirates launch an attack on the Force, and the Drill. The Force battles Flying Pirates, Hover Bots and RB133 Auricrushers. The destruction of the Drill results in a mission failure. It can be repaired with Repair Capsules at its base, where the laser that drills through the ground is located. The Marines can jump off the Drill and attack enemies on the ground, using Jump Pads from the Drill's four prongs to get back up top, but the ground will be filled with toxic gas flowing out of the gas pocket.

Once the Drill has finished its job, the Marines are summoned to the Extractor. Their dropship will fire a missile through the Drill, impacting the base and destroying it. The Drill is left to be destroyed with the base, having served its purpose.

Depiction in the mission briefing.

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