Drill Shaft 1 is a room in the Pirate Mines of the Pirate Homeworld in Metroid Prime 3: Corruption.


This room contains metal platforms that lead up to the end of the room. Grab Ledges allow Samus to jump to the normally unreachable ledges and pull herself up. Many Phazon growths can be seen on the walls and platforms. Underneath the room is a sheer drop. Beween the platforms high frequency Mining Cannons are fired at intervals. These beams cut up the Phazon deposits at the bottom of the shaft, and a tractor beam sucks in the produce through a transparent tube that leads up the right of the room to be processed. To the top left of the room is another platform that has several Space Pirate Crates and a Space Pirate Data entry.

Connecting rooms[]

The back of the room.



"This beam sucks up and transports the loose Phazon cut free with the mining cannon."
Mining Cannon
"Mining cannon cycles fires a high-frequency beam that is used to cut through Phazon deposits."
Victory and Loss
"Today is a day of celebration and woe. Our forces have taken planet Bryyo, leaving the Federation outpost there in cinders. Though we missed their spy base at Elysia, the planet itself was struck with a Phazon Seed. But Norion...Norion was a failure...all thanks to the accursed Hunter, Samus Aran.
All is not lost, however. Our great leader defeated Aran and her mongrel allies in battle. If they aren't dead, they'll soon wish they were. Each of them bears her mark of corruption. Soon they, like we disciples, will bow to her will."