The Drip Moat is a room in Metroid Prime Hunters on the planet Arcterra.


The Drip Moat is a long, twisting corridor with doors at either end. Aside from crumbling ledges in front of the exits, the room's floor has largely collapsed. Beneath lies a deep pit filled with an unknown, oily black fluid that deals minor but steady damage on contact. A pillar topped with a Jump Pad rests at each end, allowing Samus to escape the pit should she fall in. The pillar at the Fault Line entrance also holds a Universal Ammunition Expansion.

Drip Moat Acid.png

The upper level of the Drip Moat is traversable by means of a small, ramshackle floating platform that appears in front of whichever ledge Samus is standing on. When she steps on the device, it will begin to move slowly along the corridor to the other side. Samus is unable to move once it begins to travel, and must shoot a series of War Wasps, Petrasyls, and Shriekbats before she is carried into them, and eventually knocked off the platform into the acidic liquid below.

Connecting rooms[]



Universal Ammunition Expansion
This item rests just below the platform Samus rides through the tunnel atop after she enters the room.


  • Samus can walk along the narrow ledges on either side of the room, crossing at a much higher speed than that of the moving platform.
  • Although invisible walls near each pillar prevent the player from proceeding further into the pit, those walls will not impede the Morph Ball - it is thus possible to cross the Drip Moat through the lower section, taking only about one Energy Tank's worth of damage from the liquid.
  • It is possible to escape the platform's immobilizing effect by means of the Morph Ball, which will move normally.
  • If Samus returns to bipedal form, she will once again be frozen in her new location. Once the platform reaches the end, or Samus leaves the room (usually only possible with the aid of a hacking device), her mobility will be restored.
  • Samus explores a similar scenario to this room in Metroid Prime 2: Echoes: the Abandoned Base.