Drogyga is a boss in Metroid Dread.


Drogyga appears to be a creature native to Burenia, possibly bio-augmented by the Mawkin tribe's experiments. The eighth image in the Chozo Archives shows several restrained Chozo in front of a pool with Drogyga's maw penetrating the surface. The image implies these captives were being fed to Drogyga as an execution sentence, with other Chozo Soldiers and Raven Beak overseeing it.

Physical appearance[]

Drogyga is an enormous aquatic creature with a somewhat amorphous appearance, as its biomass seems to have taken up a significant portion of its arena and the surrounding areas. Its head resembles a flower, with two layers of fleshy "petals" that can fold over a central organ vaguely resembling an eye; based on Drogyga's appearance in the Chozo Archives, this may actually be a mouth or other feeding apparatus. Three of its outer "petals" have pores on their outer edges that can produce strange energy projectiles, and its head is flanked by small holes that can release long tentacles for combat purposes.

Most of Drogyga's body is dark blue with a slight violet tint, but its inner ring of flesh "petals" are dull pink and its eye and the tips of its tentacles are bright pink.


Whilst exploring Burenia, Samus plunges into a submerged, dark room and spots Drogyga in front of her. It awakens and roars, pressing one of its tentacles to a zip line track on the ceiling, which jams its power. This tentacle is Samus's initial target.

While Samus hits the tentacle with beams and Missiles, Drogyga will attack by releasing three swaying balls of energy. Two are always blue and can be shot for energy and Missile Ammo, while the third is made of fire and indestructible. The energy balls fall to the floor and disperse if they are not shot or touched by Samus. It can also unleash four additional tentacles from its sides, pressing two into the walls on either side and extending two more on whichever side of it Samus is on. It will whip them at her one by one, but they are easy to jump over.

Once the upper tentacle has sustained enough damage, it will retract, restoring power to the zip line as Drogyga collapses briefly. As this happens, a generator to Samus's left activates with a red light. She must fire a Missile or charged shot to activate it, partially draining the water filling the room. Samus can then grapple to the zip line's blue magnetic strip, which carries her to Drogyga's other side. From there, she can fire at another red-lit generator to completely drain the room's water. Without water, Drogyga opens its maw, allowing Samus to attack its eye. It will eventually retaliate by thrusting a tentacle at Samus, which she can jump over or Melee Counter; the latter does not lead into a Grab Sequence, but gives Samus some more time to hit Drogyga's weak spot.

After it retracts its tentacle, Drogyga shields its eye and blocks the zip line as the room floods again. Samus must repeat the same steps in reverse to continue damaging Drogyga, being careful of the monster's new attacks. It can produce three tentacles from its side and launch them toward Samus in a helical formation; the safest way to dodge this is to grapple up to the magnetic panel above her. Its "fireball" attack now has two orange orbs and one blue one, making it harder to dodge.

After hitting its eye enough times, Drogyga collapses for good, closing its body around its eye before shriveling up into an inert gray mass lined with dark purple veins.


  • Drogyga's internal name is Hydrogiga, which appears to be derived from "hydro" (a prefix related to water) and "giga" (a prefix denoting a massive size, i.e. billion in the metric system).
  • It is unclear if Drogyga's remains were infected and/or mimicked by any X Parasites following their release from Elun, but the head of Raven Beak X is vaguely evocative of the aquatic beast (with the outer Kraid-like head splitting open into "petals" framing Raven Beak's head in their center), although this particular trait is also shared with Experiment No. Z-57. Returning to its room shows that its corpse has not been reanimated.