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Drones, Workers, Hunters and Guards would have been enemies encountered on the large spaceship that was the setting of the proposed Metroid 1.5, elements of which later became Metroid Prime 2: Echoes. Drones were simple patrol robots that could call for fellow robot backup if an enemy appeared, and were usually cloaked, similar to the Cloaked Drone. Workers were slow and heavy industrial bots with tread-based movement that used flame throwers, jack hammers and drills for both work and weapons; these may have evolved into the robots seen in the Echoes Sanctuary Fortress. Hunters were bipedal androids that could traverse walls and use an electro-blade, described as IG-88 (from Star Wars) "hopped up on too much caffeine with a really angry disposition". The Hunters may also have inspired the Guardians of Metroid Prime Hunters. Finally, Guards were cannon-armed hover-bots that served as sentry guards and were difficult to defeat, but the use of the Thermal Visor would expose their weakpoint (this would be seen in Metroid Prime 3: Corruption, where Samus could target the brain or other organs of an enemy creature using the Nova Beam and X-Ray Visor.

Metroid 1.5[edit | edit source]

•Drones, simple security drones that patrol the halls, can call in for back up if a threat appears. Usually cloaked, Samus will have to utilize her X-ray visor to see them
•Workers, Tread based movement, slow and heavy industrial bots that can utilize different tools, Flame throwers, jack hammers, drills for work as well as to stop a potential threat.
•Hunters, Bi-pedal assassin droids that can drop from ceilings, run up walls, and utilize an electro blade, imagine iG-88 hopped up on too much caffeine with a really angry disposition.
•Guards, heavy brutish hover bots armed with cannons. Used primarily as sentry guards, very tough, requires thermal visors in order to hit the sweet spot and destroy them.

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