Drop Shaft is a room on Phaaze in Metroid Prime 3: Corruption.


This room is, true to its name, one of many drop tunnels on Phaaze. However, there are several floors before the final drop.

When entered, access to the middle of the room is blocked by what may be hardened Phazon. To pass through, Samus must roll through a hole in her Morph Ball. This will lead to a chamber with a large mass of Phazon resembling a flower bloom. Several targets are nearby that Samus must destroy with her Hyper Ball, which will destroy the obstruction. However, while doing so she is attacked by Hopping Metroids and may roll accidentally into patches of Tangle Weed.

When the obstruction is destroyed, a part of the floor will be exposed that contains another hole that the Morph Ball can fit through. This leads to the second floor. This floor features Phazon Hoppers, but serves the same purpose. The third and final floor now contains a Phazon Puffer, but features the same premise as the first two floors. Samus will then fall down a long shaft, at the bottom of which is an Maw that can snare Samus until it is killed by the Hyper Ball. Samus can also avoid it by using her Boost Ball.

Connecting roomsEdit



Phazon mass
"Phazon mass has a hardened shell. Sustained by surrounding growths. Destroying them may damage it."
"Growths feed off of Phazon lightning discharge, but will overload if too much energy is received."
"Maw appears to be a small portion of a much larger organism. Will attack if within striking distance."
Maw (destroyed)
"Maw has been destroyed. Fleshy mass appears to be part of a much larger organism."
Phazon Crystals
"Crystallized Phazon has hardened over time but appears vulnerable to explosive blasts."
Burrow opening
"Burrow opening allows creatures to quickly exit their nest and attack. A strong blast could collapse it."
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