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Dropships are lightly armored spacecrafts used by the Space Pirates in Metroid Prime: Federation Force.


The Dropship's primary purpose is to transport and drop off Space Pirates for attacking and raiding. Its only weapon is a side-mounted cannon, and due to its light armor, it is easily destroyed by the Federation Force Mechs.

Ten Dropships are deployed in M10: Black Hole, with a bonus objective achieved by destroying all of them. When the Federation Force attacks the Pirate Warship in M16: Slipstream, Dropships are summoned to defend the ship.

There are also Elite Dropships, present in M04: Containment. These are colored differently and presumably have more durable armor, but are otherwise identical to normal Dropships.[citation needed]


  • The Dropship is similar in function to a Space Pirate ATC, apart from the armor shielding.