Cloaked Drone Central Dynamo

To the left of the Cloaked Drone.

The Dynamo Unit appears in Metroid Prime.

Resembling a large tower with various spinning parts and components, it is responsible for the power surges occurring in the Phazon Mines. The scan states that it has multiple malfunctions and should be destroyed immediately. After Samus destroys the Cloaked Drone guarding the room, a hatch on the floor opens and leads into a chamber underneath the floor. Getting through this maze is key to destroying the unit as directly underneath is the Power Bomb. Samus destroys the dynamo unit using one of them, in a cutscene, before Bomb Jumping out.

The dynamo was first foreshadowed in the Magmoor Caverns room Monitor Station.

Official dataEdit

Monitor Station scanEdit

"Immersion pistons are leaching power from the magma pools as planned. Geothermal power source is promising. Recommend Energy Command deactivate Central Dynamo and switch to geothermal power at once."


"Incoming scan data. Power surges detected. Surges located within mining compound."


"Multiple safety system malfunctions detected. Unit should be taken offline immediately."


  • A Dynamo unit is also present in the Lift Hub Access room on the Pirate Homeworld. Its scan reads: "Dynamo unit is functioning at a basic level, but will cease operation if lack of maintenance continues."
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