Metroid Prime 2: Echoes

Electromagnetic Pulse grenades (often abbreviated as EMP grenades) are weapons used by the Space Pirates in warfare. Thrown at enemies, they create a burst of electromagnetic radiation that couples with electrical systems to produce damaging current and voltage surges. The Pirates often employ these grenades against enemies of electronic design, such as Galactic Federation turrets, or foes using a powered armor suit, like Samus Aran. The grenades can temporarily cripple enemy armor suits, specifically the Visor technology, blinding them. The level of interference from EMP grenades decreases with the distance from the explosion site.

EMP grenades are utilized by Pirate Troopers and Pirate Commandos. Samus first encountered Pirate Commandos using this technology on planet Aether, where they had been equipped to the Pirate units with the intention of disabling Samus' visor circuits. Pirate Commandos possessed by the Ing Horde; Dark Pirate Commandos, retained the EMP grenades, and also used them often against Samus. Later, EMP grenades were standard issue to all ground trooper forces, during the Leviathan mission in the Federation Solar System.

They have a similar effect on Samus's Visor and armor as the Rezbit Virus and Aeion Ability disruptor field.

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