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The Early Ice Beam glitch in Metroid Prime is a glitch that can be done by Sequence Breaking. It allows Samus to obtain the Ice Beam before the Spider Ball. This glitch can also allow Samus to obtain the Gravity Suit early as well.

Instructions[edit | edit source]

To perform this glitch, Samus must enter the Furnace after entry is allowed. By looking slightly to the left of the Spider Ball Track, she can jump against it. If done correctly, she will "clip" onto the track as if she was using the actual Spider Ball. This clipping glitch was fixed in the Japanese and PAL versions of the game, so Samus must perform a Ghetto Jump to get into the Furnace.[1] In the Japanese New Play Control! version, it is possible to reach the Furnace by using a Spring Bomb Jump. This was fixed in the Trilogy version, as the entrance above the Spider Ball Track is blocked by an invisible wall.[2]

In the Hall of the Elders, Samus must jump on a Radiation collector to reach the Bomb Slot, which would normally require the Spider Ball. This will activate the elemental Bomb Slots.[3] She can then perform several other jumps to reach a Morph Ball tunnel in the wall. She can then progress normally to get the Ice Beam.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The early Ice Beam is also present in Super Metroid, but is executed differently. Samus must Mockball under several Shutters to get to the Ice Beam earlier.

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