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Skipping the closing gates before the Super Missiles without speed booster, method 1.

Method 2, using the Mockball technique.

The Early Super Missiles sequence break in Super Metroid allows Super Missiles to be collected without fighting Spore Spawn.

The only Super Missile pack that can be obtained early is the one in the room on the top right from the "Green Brinstar Main Shaft". Reaching it entails passing underneath two closing gates over a bridge of breaking blocks. Normally, the Speed Booster is needed to do this. There are two work-arounds, however:

  1. Running towards the first gate, jumping, morphing mid-air, and managing to get stuck inside it. It is then possible to run through the gate and roll under the next one similarly. This is quite difficult to pull off in practice, and is best thought of as a curious demonstration of glitchy collision detection.
  2. Gathering speed on the ledge by the door in the mainstreet, doing a spin jump right before the door, and employing the Mockball glitch to roll across the entire bridge. Contrary to the first method, this is very easy to do. When discovered, it made the early super missiles route through Super Metroid the standard one for all speed running purposes.

This trick does not actually change the order in which items are collected, but is of interest for speed runs because it allows skipping the long-winded battle with Spore Spawn who guards the first Super Missile pack on the regular route. The trick even enables skipping Spore Spawn entirely in a 100% run, as a glitch related to the Crystal Flash allows the Super Missile pack Spore Spawn guards to be accessed from the wrong way as well. There is also a way to get the Super Missiles guarded by Spore Spawn by manipulating the screen scrolling and shooting out the Super Missile block from the correct position.


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For the trick put to practice, see any recent speed run through Super Metroid.

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