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The "Early Supers Room" is a room in Brinstar. It appears in Super Metroid. This room is notable for being the location of the Early Super Missiles technique.


This room is the first to be found on the left of the "Green Brinstar Main Shaft". It is a horizontal corridor with a long green bridge stretching to the end of the room. The bridge is partially made of Pit Blocks, which will crumble if Samus does not dash over them. Even then, there are three shutters that will close in front of her as she runs. Under normal circumstances, the Speed Booster is required to run fast enough to beat the shutters. The door at the end of the Early Supers Room has a Super Missile Tank, which if obtained early negates the need to fight Spore Spawn.

Directly to the right of the last shutter in the ceiling is a pair of Fake Blocks, which Samus can shoot to access an artificial upper walkway. This area is infested with enemies, but has a Super Missile Tank at its end. After collecting it, Samus can step onto its pedestal to be dropped back to the entrance below, as the pedestal is a Pit Block.

Sequence Breaking[]

Main article: Early Super Missiles

There are two techniques that can be used to circumvent this room early and get to the Super Missiles. The first involves running into the room, jumping, then morphing into a shutter and getting stuck, then moving through the shutter and repeating with a second. The second involves Mockballing across the collapsing bridge under the shutters, allowing Samus to reach the end.

Connecting rooms[]



The Missile Tank.

Missile Tank
Under the bridge. Samus can get to it by falling through the bridge, and then lay a Bomb on the wall next to it to get out.
Super Missile Tank
Samus can shoot the ceiling past the final shutter to reach the upper walkway. The tank is at the end.

Official data[]

Nintendo Power volume 60[]

A Need for Speed (pg. 12)
"The falling gates will block your way unless you have the extra acceleration of the Speed Booster."

Super Metroid Nintendo Player's Guide[]

"Samus can make it past the first gate easily enough, but without the assistance of the Speed Booster, it's hopeless to think that she will make it past the second gate. If you activate the Speed Booster as soon as you enter this room, Samus should be able to blaze right past all three gates without any trouble. Use Bombs to find the upper passage back out."

"A Power Bomb will be needed to blow through the wall here." [this is not true, a Bomb is sufficient]

"To get out, going to the right, Bomb through here."

D. FILL UP (pg. 47)
"As enemies emerge from this area, [Air Hole] just keep blasting them and collecting what they leave behind. This is an excellent way to refill your Energy and Missiles."

Super Metroid Players' Guide[]

"The two gates in this room close when you approach. When aproaching from the left, you can make it past the first using the dash. To get through the second, though, you need to use the speed booster."
"Use a power bomb to get through the first barrier."
USE THE BOMB (pg. 29)
"Normal bombs are enough to penetrate the second column."
RE-ENERGISE (pg. 29)
"If you find yourself low on ammo or energy, it's a good idea to stand here and shoot the little nasties as they emerge. They will keep dropping extras until you're back to full strength."