Earth is a rocky planet mentioned in the Metroid series.


Earth orbits a yellow star in the main sequence called the Sun and is in turn orbited by a natural satellite called the Moon. According to the instruction manuals of the Metroid and Super Metroid games, it is the location of Galactic Federation Headquarters.[1][2] The planet was not well depicted until Metroid: Other M and is where humans originated from. Earth is located in the Solar system. One of Earth's colonies was K-2L.


  • It is possible that Earth was also depicted on the box art of Metroid Prime 3: Corruption. It is unlikely that it is Phaaze due to the presence of veins on the side of the planet. Additionally, the planet on the box appears to have clouds and is a different shade of blue compared to Phaaze. Therefore, it likely represents Earth if it were hit with a Leviathan, and the Leviathan was allowed to transform the planet.
  • Earth was intended to be an explorable location in the Metroid Tactics pitch.



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  2. ^ Super Metroid instruction booklet, page 2: "Several Metroid specimens were gathered so that the survey vessel crew could take them to Galactic Federation Headquarters for further examination."