Eastern SkyTown is a sub area of the floating Sky-City SkyTown, and is the area where the majority of the Space Pirate forces were stationed on planet Elysia. Samus Aran was sent by Aurora Unit 217 to this area to collect and assemble the missing parts of the Theronian Bomb, as two of its pieces reside here.


Eastern SkyTown is under the control of the Space Pirates when Samus arrives, and as such, they have a huge presence here. They have deployed many Pirate Troopers, Aerotroopers and Aeromines to guard rooms. Samus' objective is to secure the Theronian Bomb parts, using her Ship Grapple. The Theronian Bomb parts are located in the rooms "Concourse" and "Turbine Chamber". Concourse is the center of Pirate activity, and its Bomb part requires the Seeker Missile to collect it. Turbine Chamber can not be accessed at first, due to a Broken Lift. Samus must fight a second Berserker Lord there in order to collect the bomb component.

Eastern SkyTown is much smaller than the western sector, and appears to have been a research section before the Chozo left, judging by the observatory, and a relatively large section dedicated to Metroid research.

The theme of Eastern SkyTown, "Heion1", is shared with the G.F.S. Olympus, and Norion after the invasion.

Areas and main rooms[]

Samus landing at Eastern SkyTown

Main area[]

This area is somewhat large and has the SkyTram connecting to the SkyTown, a Federation Landing Site and two parts of the Theronian Bomb.

Main rooms[]

Xenoresearch Labs[]

Only accessible using the Zipline Station Delta, this area is used as a research station for Phazon Metroids by the Space Pirate invaders. It is only used to obtain an Energy Tank, an Energy Cell and the Seeker Missile. It also contains a Save Station.

Main Rooms[]



A Cyrlic Tree in Botanica.



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