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Echo Key Beams.

The Echo Key Beam system is a terminal that interacts with a sonic pulse from a combination of the Annihilator Beam and Echo Visor to open Echo Gates. Only a total of three Echo Key Beam Systems are found with each Echo Gate during Metroid Prime 2: Echoes; each one emitting a different pitch of sound. There are only three Echo Gates in the game, so a total of nine Echo Key Beam Systems exist; one of which is not used, as the Echo Gate linked to it only uses two different tones in its unlocking sequence. They must be shot in a certain order, which is supplied by the Echo Gate, to open the gate. These systems are found in the Sanctuary Fortress and Sky Temple Grounds.

Scan[edit | edit source]

"Object scan complete. This is an Echo Key Beam system. Sonic detection gear needed to interface with this system. Shoot the Echo Key Beam emitter with a sonic pulse to activate it. It will then fire a blast of focused sound at an Echo Gate lock."

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