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The Eerie Cave (不気味な洞?)[1] is the first room visited in Ridley's Lair in Metroid and Metroid: Zero Mission.

In Super Metroid, the lava room fills the same role as the Eerie Cave.


The Eerie Cave is the location of an Elevator connecting to upper Norfair. This makes the Eerie Cave the main entrance and exit of Ridley's Lair during Samus Aran's Zero Mission, and is therefore the room where Ridley's Chamber is played for the first time.

The Eerie Cave is completely devoid of any living inhabitants. It features fuchsia and silver architecture seen commonly throughout much of Ridley's Lair. A pool of lava is present in the room, but is completely inaccessible.

As with all Elevator rooms in Norfair, the redesigned Eerie Cave in Zero Mission features decorative statues. The Elevator platform features a pair of miniature Chozo Statues, and ridged poles are topped with Koma faces. Compared to the Koma in Norfair, these Koma have a slight purple tint and blue eyes.

During a normal playthrough of Zero Mission, Samus must first enters the Eerie Cave after freeing the Kiru Giru from the Tangle Vines in Norfair, but finds herself unable to progress much further in Ridley's Lair. Therefore, she must return to Norfair above and reenter Ridley's Lair through Imago's hideout. However, the Imago boss fight can be skipped with Sequence Breaking, making the Eerie Cave the only required entrance to Ridley's Lair.

Connecting roomsEdit

An Elevator takes Samus up to a small room in Norfair featuring a two-headed statue. A Blue Door on the left leads to an artificial passage, which is converted into a Save Station in Zero Mission. A Blue Door on the right leads to a large room populated by Zebbos, Violas, and Holtz.



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