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The "egg chamber" is a room in Area 8. It appears in Metroid II: Return of Samus and Metroid: Samus Returns, as well as in flashbacks during Super Metroid and Metroid: Other M.

In this room, one of the most important events of the Metroid series occurs: Samus Aran witnesses the birth of an Infant Metroid that imprints onto her as its "mother". Her decision to spare it would have repercussions for the remainder of the saga.


Return of SamusEdit


The baby hatching in Return of Samus.

In Return of Samus, the egg chamber is smaller and consists of a rocky, cavernous hallway with a tunnel underneath. There are three clusters of crystals on the floor, and a lone Metroid Egg toward the left side.

Samus first enters this room when she passes through the tunnel while exploring Area 8. The egg is visible above, although Samus is unaware of it. At a certain point in the tunnel, the game freezes for a moment and the Metroid Detector detects an additional eight Metroids.

The upper part cannot be accessed until the Queen Metroid has been killed, and Samus proceeds into the room behind. When Samus enters the chamber, more uplifting music begins to play. As she approaches the egg, it violently shakes before hatching, and the baby imprints onto Samus. She can then proceed through the following caverns back to the Surface.

Samus ReturnsEdit

SR samus with baby

The baby imprints onto Samus.

In Samus Returns, the room's layout has significantly changed. It has been combined with the shaft below the tunnel underneath the egg, and the additional Metroids are now detected in the next room.

The shaft contains a Teleport Station, which is located underneath a platform made of Screw Attack Blocks, and a Save Station right beneath the tunnel. The shaft extends into the background with multiple bulbous yellow plants visible, including blue flowers or bulbs, three of which are next to the Teleport Station. In the center of the background there appears to be a tower or pillar with multiple large platforms encircling it. Also visible are closed vents on the left wall, a statue of a Chozo, red and yellow trees or roots, a gummy-looking yellow webbing (possibly related to the yellow liquid or yellow goo seen elsewhere in Area 8 and SR388) and a pulsating mass near the top of the room.

The chamber with the egg itself is now much more vibrant, with several of the same trees and bulbous growths in the background, red pustules, thorns and small green plants. While there is a screen transition when Samus initially enters this room from the Queen's nest, on later visits it is considered a part of the nest.

When Samus enters the upper part of the egg chamber for the first time, a cutscene plays where she observes the egg for a moment before it hatches, and she immediately draws her Arm Cannon, charging up an Ice Beam shot. The infant Metroid circles her peacefully, causing her to hesitate. As it stops in front of her, Samus looks at the creature for a little longer before canceling her charge shot. She holds her left hand up to the baby and watches it levitate. After this, she leaves the room with it.

Other appearancesEdit

In Super Metroid, the egg chamber is witnessed during the introduction, where Samus has a flashback of the baby's hatching. The room strongly resembles its appearance in Return of Samus. There are now small stalactites on the ceiling and the floor is more uneven, and there are at least two other hatched Metroid Eggs beside the baby's. In the scene, Samus aims her Arm Cannon at the baby as it rises from its hatched egg, before lowering the weapon and running forward with the baby following.

In Metroid: Other M, Samus has a flashback of the baby hatching when she comes across another infant Metroid. Here it is depicted as a straight up cave with several stalagmites and stalactites. The cave is hollow, as indicated by echoes when the baby hatches and begins to screech. Much like in Samus Returns, Samus holds up her left hand to the baby after realizing it is not a threat. The scene and room is also depicted in the live-action commercial.

Connecting roomsEdit

In Return of Samus, the upper area leads into a series of caverns lined with crystals that the baby will destroy for Samus, leading back up to the Landing Site. The lower area is entered from a tall shaft with rocky walls and long platforms of artificial construction, and exits into a corridor where the first of the larval Metroids is encountered.

In Samus Returns, the tall shaft is part of this room. It is entered from the massive cavern of Area 8, and leads into the same series of caverns, now combined into one room. This is blocked off by a wall of crystals, which the baby will automatically break up for Samus.



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