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The Electric Bombs[citation needed] are the Alt Form Weapon of the Lockjaw. Similar to the Bombs of Samus Aran's Morph Ball, these bombs, like the Lockjaw and the rest of Sylux's equipment, are stolen Galactic Federation prototypes. In Lockjaw form, Sylux can drop two bombs and link them together, unless they are obstructed by something or not close enough to each other. Once a rival Bounty Hunter is in range, a third bomb can be dropped, which will enclose the enemy.

This is a powerful attack, as if it does not kill the enemy it will at least reduce their energy to critical levels. It takes near 200 units of energy to survive the triple attack. The two Bombs on their own deal much less damage. When two bombs connect, they form a beam of energy between them and serve as a sort of tripwire. The Lockjaw, like the Larva Bombs of Kanden's Stinglarva and Samus's Bombs, can be propelled into the air using its Bombs in low gravity areas. This has led to a popular multiplayer tactic of using the Electric Bombs to stay in the air and snipe foes with the Imperialist. In normal gravity areas, the Bombs can be used to make Sylux glide, enabling Sylux to skip gaps or reach certain hidden spots, such as a Secret World on the Harvester map.

Unlike the Morph Ball Bombs, the Electric Bombs take longer to explode; after a certain amount of time, the Bombs will discharge their energy and cease to exist.

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