The Electro Lob is a weapon only found in the multiplayer mode of Metroid Prime Hunters: First Hunt. It travels in an arc when fired and explodes upon contact. Anyone caught in the blast will have their visor scrambled for a short amount of time, allowing the attacker to take advantage of their confusion. It can be charged, which will cause the shots to travel straight as opposed to in an arc. This weapon may not actually exist in the Metroid universe, since the mode it is in, as well as the rest of Metroid Prime Hunters: First Hunt, is implied to be set in training holograms.

It appears to have influenced a few of the weapons appearing in Metroid Prime Hunters. When Kanden fires a charged Volt Driver shot it will obscure opponents' vision. The Battlehammer and Magmaul shots always travel in arcs, and the former causes a small explosion that covers a certain radius. It is mostly the green color and the blast radius on the Battlehammer, as well as the main traits of the Volt Driver (electricity, visor scramble, etc.) that show similarities to the Electro Lob.

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