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The "Elephant Bird's room" is a room in Sector 1 (SRX). It appears in Metroid Fusion.


The room is square in shape, and features entirely metal architecture with a yellow and green color scheme. It is located outside one of the habitat areas modeled after SR388, with the corrupted atmospheric stabilizers. The back wall features a circuitry-like pattern, with multiple purple and red-colored panels visible in the background. Five platforms, one of which is elongated, are held in the air, supported by large pillars based in the floor. The floor itself has a slope on either end, which enables a continued Shinespark.

On the far left side of the room is a small, isolated chamber with large cables appearing to support it from the left wall. The Prima Games guide describes this as a "glass tank", although in the ensuing boss battle, no glass is seen shattering, implying the tank is open. Behind this in the background is a pattern of tiles with green borders and lines, extending into the ceiling.

Samus in front of the statue.

Samus arrives in this room during her exploration of the sector and curiously encounters a Chozo Statue sitting in the tank. If she shoots the Item Sphere in its hand, it will reveal the Morph Ball power-up - which she already has - and quickly turn into a Core-X. If she tries to touch the Item Sphere, she takes damage. Samus must break the Core-X's hard shell in order to absorb the parasite and regain her Charge Beam, allowing her to leave. She can stand on one of the smaller platforms and lure the Core-X underneath it, allowing her to strike its exposed weak point without it being able to hit her with its retaliatory shots. Following this, there is no reason to revisit the room except to obtain an Energy Tank much later (see below).

Connecting rooms[]

The room is entered from a long shaft with a Gadora in front of the entrance door, and exits into another shaft leading back out to the rest of SRX.



Charge Beam
Recovered after absorbing the statue's Core-X.
Energy Tank
Requires Speed Booster. From the Save Station below the room, Samus must run until her Speed Booster activates, and return to this room. If the Shinespark is about to expire (after five seconds), Samus can Shinespark toward either end of the floor, which is sloped, to keep the charge going. She must stand where the Chozo Statue originally sat and Shinespark up to break through the ceiling, and find the Energy Tank in a hidden alcove.

Official data[]

Metroid Fusion: The Official Nintendo Player's Guide[]

11. Boss Battle (page 27)
"After you defeat an eyeball hatch guardian and collect the powerful red X parasite that it releases, enter the boss battle arena, run to the left side of the room and fire Beams at the ball in the hands of the statue. A Core-X will come to life and attack you. The round, armored creature has a small eye. When the eye is open, it is vulnerable to Missiles. If you can't tell whether its[sic] vulnerable or not, fire away anyway. With enough shots, you'll outlast the beast. Your prize for victory is the Charge Beam."
"Avoid the charging attacks of the Core-X creature and the lasers that emanate from its eye. Hit it with Missiles then jump to avoid its return fire."
Tank Trials (page 109)
"You'll need the same skills that you demonstrated while collecting the Power Bomb Tank in the lower-right section of the sector to collect the Energy Tank in the middle. In fact you'll start in the Save Room. Run to the right to charge your Speed Booster. When you're charged up, crouch to stop, then Space-Jump up the short, vertical section and run to the left until you reach the wall. Stop again, then press A to launch straight up. You'll blast off through a collection of Boost Blocks and hit the ceiling. Press Right to grab a ledge as you fall, then pull yourself up and collect the tank."

Metroid Prime and Metroid Fusion: Prima's Official Strategy Guide[]

This guide makes no mention of the Energy Tank in this room.

Page 94
"Continue to the left until you see a large glass tank containing a Chozo Statue holding a Core-X. Shoot the tank to release the Core-X, then get ready to run and shoot. If you can, grab the X released when you destroyed the tank. Then concentrate on shooting missiles at the Core-X as it flies around trying to get you. Each time you score a hit, more X are released. Scoop them up if you can, but stay focused on the Core-X or it will finish you.
When you destroy the Core-X's outer shell, a red blob of X remains. Snatch this out of the air to regain Samus's lost Charge Beam ability. Climb the steps and exit through the hatch in the upper-right corner of the room."