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The Elevator mechanism in the Metroid series is regularly used by Samus Aran to traverse through the planets and space stations she explores. See Lift (Disambiguation) for elevators that are used to move between floors of a room.

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Metroid: Zero MissionEdit

The elevators in this game are the same as the very first Metroid, although there are some new ones, and all are remastered.

Super MetroidEdit

Frigate OrpheonEdit

Tallon IVEdit

Tallon OverworldEdit

Chozo RuinsEdit

Magmoor CavernsEdit

Phendrana DriftsEdit

Phazon MinesEdit

Alimbic ClusterEdit


Temple GroundsEdit

Great TempleEdit

Agon WastesEdit

Torvus BogEdit

Sanctuary FortressEdit

Dark AetherEdit

G.F.S. OlympusEdit




Pirate HomeworldEdit

G.F.S. ValhallaEdit


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Ceres Space ColonyEdit


See also: Transport to Main Sector (Disambiguation)

Biologic Space Laboratories research stationEdit

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