The Phazon Nutrient Vat in Elite Control is implied to be processing a mix in its scan.

Elite Nutrient Mix (also called Elite Ration Mix and Elite Pirate Ration) seems to be a sort of food for Elite Pirates. It is mentioned in various scans in the Phazon Mines during the events of Metroid Prime. Consumption is strictly prohibited by non-Elites, and any failure to comply from regular Space Pirates is punished by a 50% ration reduction for a deca-cycle.

Later, replacement of deca-triticale with Saturnine matter in the mix was authorized. It is not normal for Elites to reject their rations, and so orders were given to report any of these signs at once. A Phazon Nutrient Vat in Elite Control suggests that it is processing a mix.

Related Scans[]

Elite Control[]

"Phazon Nutrient Vat. Elite Pirate ration processing in progress."

"Consumption of Elite Nutrient Mix by non-Elite units is strictly prohibited. Failure to comply will result in a 50% ration reduction for a deca-cycle."

"Phazon-infused fungal harvesting continues. Replacement of deca-triticale with Phazon-infused fungal matter in Elite Ration Mix has been authorized."

"Report any signs of ration rejection by Elites at once."

"Increase Phazon portion of Elite Pirate Ration by 18%."