Elite Research is a room in the Phazon Mines. It appears in Metroid Prime.


Elite Research holds the Artifact of Warrior, which is guarded by the Phazon Elite in the Bendezium tank at the bottom. There is also a Pirate Data entry in one of the computer screens. There are several platforms that can be moved into position by scanning two different terminals. At the very top of the room, there is an Industrial Grade Pulse Beam that Samus manipulates in order for her to find a Missile Expansion and continue onto the next room.

Connecting rooms[]


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Missile Expansion
At the very top of the room, Samus must use the Spinner to point the Industrial Grade Pulse Beam to the left wall of the room. Next, she must scan the computer screen, so that the beam will destroy the wall. She can then jump into the ruined wall to collect the Missile Expansion.
Artifact of Warrior
Rewarded upon the death of the Phazon Elite.



The Industrial Grade Pulse Beam firing at a decomposed wall.

"Platform systems active."
Elite Pirates
"Log 11.001.9
Initial Project Helix experiments with Space Pirate embryos were disastrous. The Phazon-infusion process degenerated brain tissue even as it augmented muscle mass. None of what we have termed 'Elite Pirates' lived to maturity: the few that survived their infanthood suffered severe psychotic breakdowns as juveniles, killing anything within their zone of perception. Research from team Sclera made a recent breakthrough, in which parasite studies with a Phazon strain code-named 'Vertigo' were highly successful. Since then, we have fused Vertigo Phazon with Space Pirate DNA with great success. The latest batch of Elite Pirates have reached maturity successfully and are ready for field testing and training."
Phazon Elite (pre-battle)
"Unit ident-code EPG-8642, batch 23, field designation 'Elite Pirate Alpha.'
Stasis tank reinforced with Bendezium alloy plates."
Artifact of Warrior
"Chozo Artifact"
"Recommended battle systems for Elite Pirates are as follows:
Shoulder-mounted Plasma Artillery Cannon, Repulsion Shield, Wave Quake projector, energy-siphon system, and retractable Wrist Bayonets."
Computer screen
"Security alert, all stations.
Bioform Samus Aran has made planetfall on Tallon IV. The Hunter is among us. All units are hereby ordered to attack Aran on sight. Terminal force is authorized. Report all sightings of Aran to Security Command at once."
Computer screen
"Attention all units. Report to your battle stations.
Failure to comply with this order is an act of treason. Treason is punishable by termination."
Industrial Grade Pulse Beam
"Industrial Grade Pulse Beam, Mining Configuration."
Computer screen
"Industrial Pulse Beam online. Auto-firing mode engaged."
"Surface integrity at 31%. Further Pulse Beam exposure could cause collapse."
Exit wall
"Surface integrity at 42%. Presence of thermal power signature detected.
Further Pulse Beam exposure could cause collapse."

* Other walls feature integrity at 8%, 13%, 44% and 23%.


  • The Phazon ore rock located above the Phazon Elite's former location does not harm Samus.
  • Attempting to destroy the Phazon Elite's stasis tank with a Power Bomb before collecting the main upgrade in the Central Dynamo (via Sequence breaking) will yield no result, as the game requires Samus to acquire it to make the tank breakable.
  • If the platforms on the lower elevation were never lowered, when the Phazon Elite battle is triggered, the platforms will lower down. If Samus activates the platform's terminal for the first time during the battle, the platforms will rise back up during the following cutscene.


In the original NTSC version, if Samus defeats the Phazon Elite and leaves the room without collecting the Artifact of Warrior, it disappears. This glitch is later fixed in the PAL and NTSC Player's Choice versions of Metroid Prime. In the PAL version, if Samus leaves the room, it does not disappear. In the NTSC Player's Choice version, and later the Metroid Prime Trilogy version, the doors remain locked until Samus picks up the Artifact. However in the NTSC version, the top door leading to Research Access remains unlocked during battle (should Samus find a way up there during battle, usually by Sequence Breaking).


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