Elun is an area of ZDR seen in Metroid Dread.


Elun is a sealed quarantine structure used by Raven Beak to contain an epidemic of X Parasites among the Mawkin Chozo, located in a rocky cavern just below the planet's surface. It greatly resembles Ferenia, featuring statues, orreries, Mawkin banners, and other elaborate chambers, but it is unknown what exactly the facility's prior purpose was.

Upon first arriving at Elun via a Shuttle from Ghavoran, Samus Aran crosses a bridge over a rocky crevasse to reach the facility's massive gate. It opens and closes at her presence, and allows her access through the security gate, likely due to her Chozo DNA. Soon after entering, Samus encounters a Chozo Zombie, marking the first appearance of X Parasites and their infected hosts.

While exploring Elun, Samus passes by numerous empty suits of Chozo Soldier armor, which collapse when she approach. Eventually, Samus encounters a Chozo Soldier that appears to still be alive and challenges her to combat; however, this Chozo is revealed to be yet another X host.

Elun is one of the smaller and more confined areas explored by Samus on ZDR. Besides the dilapidated halls, Samus also explores the ventilation shafts and other maintenance routes of the facility. Despite its simplicity, Elun has major story importance and possesses the important Plasma Beam upgrade. Once Samus explores Elun and encounters the X within, Raven Beak unlocks the door behind her to allow the X to run rampant on ZDR.


Power Ups[]

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Metroid Dread[]


  • Elun is the only area of ZDR that does not include any Network Stations, including the projection in Itorash.
  • Near the entrance to Elun are Chozo symbols that spell the area's name. It is difficult to spot in gameplay, but is visible in the cutscene where the X are released into ZDR.[1] The same doorway model also appears in Ferenia, despite the text still reading "Elun".
  • A massive domed structure is visible in the background of a shaft in the southwest region of Ferenia; this represents the rear side of Elun.[2]

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