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The Emergency Evacuation Area (緊急避難エリア Kinkyū Hinan Eria?) is one of the larger rooms aboard the Frigate Orpheon in Metroid Prime. It is found on Deck Alpha.


The room serves as the Space Pirates' evacuation area in case of emergency, with several Escape Pods, none of which can be used in gameplay. There are noticeable signs of a disaster in the room, with Space Pirate bodies strewn about. Only one survivor remains, albeit barely. The rest of those that are dead are seen being fed upon by three Parasites. The most notable feature in the room is a dead Parasite Queen found in the center, with its corpse oozing a green substance suggested to be saliva from the acid sacs in its mouth. The Queen is noticeably semi-restrained by long cables mounted from a destroyed wall, which appears to lead in from a corridor of the ship. This means it may have tunneled into this room from another area.

Its scan does not reveal the creature's cause of death, only detecting a massive amount of radiation. The creature's tail can be scanned, revealing that its purpose is likely to produce offspring. A fire is found burning near its face. Approaching it will cause the Threat Assessment to rise. One of the Parasite Queen's arms is found impaling a dead Space Pirate, which suffered a severing of its spinal cord. Another corpse behind the Queen's body died from severe flame damage to its exoskeleton.

To the left when entering the room is an elevator platform similar to those found elsewhere aboard the Orpheon. However, it cannot be activated from this room, or anywhere else on the frigate (in gameplay, at least). It would appear that this elevator only descends down, as above it is a small tube blocked off by a grate. A blue, flickering panel with a grid pattern can be seen attached to the elevator wall, with a pattern of three progressively larger circles and three protruding lines to the right.

As the room is explored, small pieces of debris occasionally fall from the ceiling. Two vertical beams stretch across the length of the ceiling and connect to the front and back walls of the room, with a pattern of thin poles laid out horizontally across the beams. On the far right wall and to the right of the entrance are flickering blue terminal screens and Emergency Evacuation Pods, all of which have been used by the time the room is explored. These pods are hexagonal in shape, not unlike that of the Doors aboard the Orpheon (and on Tallon IV below), and include lights that pulsate toward their centers. In between the pods are large Phazon crates; the first hint at the substance's existence.

Between the Escape Pods and the Parasite Queen is a raised platform with two ramps on either side, lined by railing. A third Space Pirate is found strewn over this railing; its cause of death stated to be acidic burns, likely from the Queen. Near the exit to Deck Alpha Umbilical Hall is a dying Pirate with a massive bite mark said to be visible on its exoskeleton. Green blood, or more likely acidic fluid from the Queen is visible on the Pirate's arm and chest. Behind it are four wall-mounted computer screens, two of which are damaged and flickering. Their scans list off which Escape Pods have launched, and their coordinates: Tallon IV 110L.30L. Research Command Center.

The Frigate Orpheon theme begins playing in this room.


Samus Aran comes to this room after receiving a distress signal from the Orpheon. Six hours prior to her arrival, two Parasite Queens broke out of the containment area, one of which is found dead in this room. The Emergency Evacuation Area is her first hint that something has gone seriously wrong aboard the vessel. Beyond a few feeding Parasites and a critically wounded Space Pirate, there are no enemies in this room or clues as to the Pirates' activity aboard the vessel.

The Emergency Evacuation Area is not revisited during the countdown sequence, and is not accessible when the frigate crashes onto Tallon IV.

Connecting rooms[]


Logbook entries[]

Parasite scanpic.png


Logbook entry

Morphology: Parasite
Interstellar vermin. Travel in swarms.

Indigenous to Tallon IV, a single Parasite is harmless to larger life-forms. However, they tend to travel in large groups, swarming over potential prey. Such swarms can be dangerous.

! This is a rare creature/object. It may only be scanned in one or few encounters.



Parasite Queen outline scanpic.png

Dead creature

Temporary scan

Morphology: Unknown
Info >> High levels of radiation detected.

Parasite Queen head scanpic.png
Temporary scan

Analysis shows incredibly large muscle structures surrounding the jaw area.

Fluid sacs containing acid are also detected.

Parasite Queen tail scanpic.png
Temporary scan

Tail section possesses a mouthlike orifice. Most likely used for birthing offspring.

Elevator panel

Temporary scan

The platform does not look like it can be activated from this room.

Phazon crate

Temporary scan

Biohazardous materials
Phazon Batch 0073.A / 0142.A / 0009.A
Destination >> Deck Beta

Escape Pod

Temporary scan

Escape pod entrance. The vessel has already been jettisoned.

Evacuation occurred 6 hours prior to your arrival.

Pirate injuries scanpic.png
Pirate Samus size comparison scanpic.png

Space Pirate


Temporary scan

Morphology:  Space Pirate
Status >> Death caused by a severing of the spinal cord.

Pirate body scanpic.png
Pirate Samus size comparison scanpic.png
Temporary scan

Morphology: Space Pirate
Status >> Death caused by severe flame damage to exoskeleton.

Pirate chest scanpic.pngPirate back scanpic.png
Pirate scanpic.png
Temporary scan

Morphology: Space Pirate
Status >> Death caused by acidic burns to body. Chemical type unknown.

Pirate face scanpic.png
Pirate schematics scanpic.png


Temporary scan

Species >> Space Pirate
Status >> Weak life signs detected.

Imprints of large bite marks can be seen on the exoskeleton.

Computer terminals

Temporary scan

Escape Pod 3 >> Launched
Escape Pod 4 >> Launched
Escape Pod 7 >> Launched

Temporary scan

Escape Pod launch coordinates >>
Tallon IV 110L.30L.Research Command Center


Temporary scan

Entrance to Deck Alpha Access Hall

Temporary scan

Entrance to Deck Alpha Umbilical Hall


"Press and hold GC L trigger.gif/Wii Z button.png to lock onto enemies."

Development notes[]

Retro Studios worked for a long time on this room. Fine details, such as Parasites eating Space Pirate corpses and their blood spattering on Samus's Visor when she kills them, were enjoyed by the development team.[1]


  • The Emergency Evacuation Area is known internally as 02_intro_epodroom, with "epod" presumably standing for escape pod.
  • This is the first room within the entire Metroid Prime series where not only environmental hazards are present but also where Samus can receive damage. Because of this, it is also the first room within the entire Metroid Prime series where Samus can receive a Game Over.
  • If one jumps on top of the two parasites consuming the corpse of the Pirate near the jettisoned Evacuation pods, Samus can receive continuous damage at a rapid pace, possibly leading to an almost instant Game Over.



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