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An empty door in Trial Grounds.

An "empty door" is a type of door that is permanently open; that is to say, it lacks an energy shield or hatch cover, and does not require a shot to open.


In Metroid Prime 2: Echoes, empty doors exist almost all over Dark Aether. However, these doors cannot normally be seen, as all of them have been blocked off by some type of obstruction, such as Ingworms, rock slides, etc. It is possible that these were originally functioning doors before their destruction.

In Metroid Fusion, the first hatches that Samus must walk through upon landing aboard the B.S.L Research Station are hatchless empty doors. Later, when Nettori's vines grow over the Reactor Silo, Samus must pass through more empty doors to proceed due to these hatches losing power.

It is unknown if these doors were intentionally left open, or simply malfunctioned. In the former's case, this was done likely to prevent accidental lockouts in case of emergency.


  • In Fusion, the empty doors between the first Navigation Room and the Docking Bays have a locking Hatch that is placed during the escape sequence.
  • In Echoes, the reason for these doors existing is likely due to a room being a copy of its Light World counterpart. Ultimately, some Dark World counterparts of rooms either went unused or were never created. These doorways are blocked off mainly to prevent falling into an otherwise empty void.
  • Despite being blocked off, most of these doors still function properly and load their correct corresponding rooms.