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Ending (Metroid) (エンディング (メトロイド)?)[1] is a musical track by Hirokazu "Hip" Tanaka that plays during the credits in Metroid and its remake Metroid: Zero Mission.

The theme was meant to bring levity after an otherwise entirely cathartic score concludes. Tanaka was inspired by the scoring of the 1984 film, Birdy, to attempt a similar approach in Metroid.[2]


Ending (Metroid) is one of several Metroid tracks that sounds different between its original Family Computer Disk System release and its international Nintendo Entertainment System release.

Tanaka arranged the theme for Kid Icarus / Metroid Original Soundtrack Orchestra Version, where it is titled Ending Music (エンディング音楽?). It was also the only track from the original Metroid to received an arranged version in Super Metroid: Sound in Action, where it is titled Metroid Ending (メトロイド エンディング (アレンジバーション)?), while the original FDS version is simply titled Ending (エンディング?) on both Sound in Action and Game Sound Museum ~ Famicom Edition ~ 12 Metroid.

The full version from Zero Mission plays during the credits and is included in its Sound Test, designated as number 23 and the final track. It consists of a rearrangement of the NES version. A short version that consists only of the opening notes and some percussion plays during the ending screen.

A remix of the first few notes can be heard on the high score board in Metroid Prime Hunters: First Hunt, in a similar fashion to the short version from Zero Mission.

It received an orchestral remix for Super Smash Bros. Brawl and plays on the Norfair stage after being unlocked by playing 10 Brawls on the stage. This version was arranged by M's Factory with the arrangement supervised by Tsukasa Masuko, best known for his work with Atlus. During the character roll call after Classic or All-Star Mode is completed with Samus or Zero Suit Samus, this theme will play. It is the only Metroid theme to not be used in Adventure Mode: The Subspace Emissary.

The Brawl remix returns in Super Smash Bros. for Wii U, where it is available by default and once again plays on the Norfair stage. In Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, it can be played on any stage from the Metroid series; its title is now written as Ending - Metroid.

The FDS version can be heard here: [1], the NES theme can be heard here: [2], the Kid Icarus / Metroid Original Soundtrack Orchestra Version theme here: [3], the Sound in Action version here: [4], the full theme from Metroid: Zero Mission here: [5], the short theme from Zero Mission here: [6] the theme from First Hunt here: [7], and the theme from Super Smash Bros. here: [8].


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