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UAM 8 is an Alimbic security system featured in Metroid Prime Hunters, resembling a large, triangular blue pyramid. When inactive, it appears as a metal-rimmed blue membrane attached to a wall, ceiling, or floor, and is completely indestructible. However, when the device is triggered (usually by the presence of an intruder or (de)activation of another security system), it will extend a pale blue energy field several meters into the air and begin releasing a single model of security robot: either a version of Voldrum or Psycho Bit. After a set number of robots have been summoned, the device will cease production (but not return to its flattened state) until one of the robots is destroyed, at which point it will spawn a replacement. The only way for Samus Aran to stop the replacement robots is to destroy the field: it is vulnerable to all weapons and after a moderate amount of damage will collapse in on itself and leave no trace of having existed. The system cannot be scanned, and it is unknown whether it actually manufactures the robots produced or merely teleports them from some unknown location. Units are installed on every planet in the Alimbic Cluster, excluding the Oubliette.

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