DS-5310L-4 (also known as Energy Cell 4) is the fourth of nine Energy Cells in Metroid Prime 3: Corruption. Arguably the most difficult to obtain in the game, this Cell is obtained through a lengthy process involving a trek across nearly all of Bryyo. To start, Samus must extend the Bryyo Cliffside portion of the Machineworks Bridge, then fly to the Thorn Jungle Airdock. Returning to the North Jungle Court, Samus must use her Gunship to pick up a portable generator. Its removal uncovers a Morph Ball tunnel for Samus to use, bringing her to the Jungle side of the bridge, which she must extend to bridge the two areas. She must then go to the Hidden Court and have her Gunship drop the generator into a machine. This activates the machine and uncovers the Energy Cell, leaving it Samus' for the taking.

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