The main Energy Controller of Aether in the Great Temple.

The Energy Controllers are devices created by the Luminoth during their Golden Age on Aether. Their main purpose is to regulate the planetary energy of Aether, also known as the Light of Aether; this is necessary because Aether is a planet without a sun. They also control energy-related phenomena (such as weather) on the unstable planet. There are four Energy Controllers on Aether, each stored within the depths of a Luminoth Temple. They are the Agon Energy Controller, the Torvus Energy Controller, the Sanctuary Energy Controller and the Main Energy Controller.

Energy Controllers hold a reservoir of stored energy above the control unit that appears as a large sphere of light. Three of the Energy Controllers in the lesser Luminoth Temples direct a portion of this energy in the form of beams of light to the Controller in the Great Temple.

When a Phazon-bearing asteroid crashed into the planet and created Dark Aether, the energy found in all four controllers was split between the two worlds, and both became unstable. Interestingly, Dark Aether was seemingly created with its own set of Energy Controllers: the Dark Agon Energy Controller, the Dark Torvus Energy Controller, the Hive Energy Controller and the Sky Temple Energy Controller. During the war between the Luminoth and the Ing, most of the planetary energy was stolen by the latter in an attempt to completely stabilize their dark world and destroy Light Aether. However, when Samus became bonded with the Energy Transfer Module, she successfully returned all the energy to Light Aether, resulting in the dark planet's destruction.

Energy Controllers are referred to as Sun Generators in the internal files of Metroid Prime 2: Echoes, such as in the Sun Generator Light and Dark themes.

Logbook entry[]

Metroid Prime: Episode of Aether

Energy Controller

Metroid Prime 2: Echoes

Temporary scan

Object analysis complete.
This is a regional Energy Controller.
Unit regulates planetary energy in this sector, and is linked to a global energy network.

Logbook entry

Energy Controllers were built by the Luminoth to regulate Aether's planetary energy. Several wonders are powered by the Energy Controllers, including a weather control grid and a teleportation system. When Dark Aether was born, it too had Energy Controllers, all linked to that world's planetary energy.

After Light Suit acquisition
"Structural analysis complete.
Luminoth Energy Control System online and active.
Power flow at full and holding steady. Broadcast power system transmitting to all regions. Light-based teleportation system online."