Energy Core is a room in the Chozo Ruins in Metroid Prime. It contains one large, main room, as well as multiple narrow passageways leading around to different doors and different parts of the main room; a few of these contain Shriekbats. The floor of the main room and small pits in the passages contain toxic water; the former can be drained via a puzzle in the room which requires the Morph Ball Bombs.

This entails defeating the Stone Toad and then activating three successive Bomb Slots in the given time limit. Each of these is in its own small room off one of the passages, and each activates an energy-generating device. Completing the puzzle also raises a few platforms in the main room, so that more of Energy Core can be accessed.


Connecting roomsEdit

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Blast Shield


  • Noticeably, the "energy-generating devices" appear similar to the main console of the Tardis in the revived series of Doctor Who.
  • The room shares its name with the puzzle theme that plays in it, and other rooms.