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Energy Parts are an item introduced in Metroid: Other M and returning in Metroid Dread. They are pieces that form into one Energy Tank. Four Energy Parts are necessary to form one Energy Tank. There are a total of sixteen in Other M, meaning Samus can gain four Energy Tanks from the Energy Parts. They have an orange color in Other M and a blue color in Dread.

Official data[]

Other M manual[]

Energy Part.png

"Collect four of these to create one Energy Tank."

Other M on-screen tutorials[]

Collect 4 and your energy capacity will increase.

You’ve collected 4 Energy Parts and your max energy has increased.

Metroid Dread Report Volume 5[]

"In addition to the Power Suit’s built-in defenses, Samus can increase its Energy—and thus its capacity to withstand damage—by acquiring two kinds of Energy Tank items. Standard Energy Tanks increase her suit’s Energy by 100 each. She can also collect four Energy Parts to reconstruct the same functionality as a standard Energy Tank."


  • Energy Parts are similar in concept to the Pieces of Heart in the Legend of Zelda series.
  • While Energy Parts were introduced in Metroid: Other M, the idea of forming one Energy Tank from multiple parts was seen earlier in the series. In Hard Mode in Metroid: Zero Mission, Samus must collect two Energy Tanks to create one full tank.
  • Interestingly, when four Energy Parts are collected, Samus will not fully recover her energy as she would with a new whole tank, but rather, restore her energy by a full tank.