Before you arrived, the Ing had stolen a device from us... one that collects planetary energy. With it, they have weakened our planet to the verge of collapse. But Fortune smiled upon us this day, for the Energy Transfer Module... is now bonded to you. With it you can help us restore our world.


Energy module

Energy Transfer Module

The Energy Transfer Module is an upgrade in Metroid Prime 2: Echoes. It is used by Samus Aran to transfer planetary energy from Dark Aether to Aether. It was used to retrieve the Light of Aether from Dark Aether, the latter which was destroyed when the planetary energy was removed. The Luminoth created the module in the hopes of using it to recover their missing energy from Dark Aether, only to have the Ing steal it from them and use it to take almost all of Aether's planetary energy.

Samus must defeat the Dark Alpha Splinter in order to obtain the item. The upgrade appears as a glowing ball of blue-white energy that floats in the center of the Temple Sanctuary. When Samus reaches out to pick up this upgrade, it darts around the room before entering her suit, and is not recognized by her systems. U-Mos explains what it is and states that the Ing had taken the Module before she arrived and taken most of Aether's energy, implying that they were positioned in the Great Temple to complete their takeover when she stepped in. This item also rendered Samus immune to any form of Ing possession for the entire duration of her mission on Aether, as the Energy Transfer Module's core produced constant light energy within her, thus repelling any Ing who attempted to possess Samus.

Official data[]

Ingame notifications[]

"System Alert. Unknown item acquired.
Alien technology has bonded to armor systems.
Threat scan complete. No negative impact on suit performance."

Inventory data[]

Energy Transfer Module

Metroid Prime 2: Echoes

Logbook entry

The Energy Transfer Module allows you to siphon power from Energy Controllers.

Samus's Notes

The Energy Transfer Module has a power core fueled by light energy. The presence of this energy protects the user from Ing possession.
Once you have siphoned all power from an Energy Controller on Dark Aether, you must return it to an Energy Controller on Aether.

Metroid Prime 2: Dark Echoes Q&A[]

QUESTION: How come Samus doesn’t get possessed by the Ing? And are there no Metroids?

ANSWER: The Energy Transfer Module Samus received from the Ing protects her. And there are Metroids![1]


  • The sound clip that plays after the Energy Transfer Module is bonded to Samus differs between the North American/PAL GCN and Japanese GCN versions of the game. This change carries over into the Wii versions.
  • When Warrior Ing transform into their gaseous form and throw themselves at Samus in an attempt to possess her, they will be unable to enter her suit and simply remain on its surface in a liquid form. However, Samus will receive damage for the duration of the time her suit is covered in Ing. Moments later, it will remove itself from her.
  • When Samus acquires the Energy Transfer Module, it does not immediately appear in her Inventory. It only appears after U-Mos talks to Samus. This may be because of its initial unrecognized status.
  • Initially, it is referred to as an Unknown Item by Samus' suit, similar to the Gravity Suit, Plasma Beam and Space Jump in Metroid: Zero Mission. The scan calls it an Unknown Technology.
  • From a gameplay perspective, the item is in fact, useless. If the user skips it thanks to speedrun techniques, the lights from the temples can still be absorbed and transferred to Light Aether. Samus will also not be possessed by any Ing if the item is indeed skipped.
  • After taking planetary energy from Dark Aether, the area's sky will take on an orange/crimson hue from the original purple. This is most noticeable in Dark Agon Wastes, though it does not occur in Sky Temple Grounds.
    • Additionally, after taking an area's energy, it has been noted that the amount of Ing will increase drastically, and they will become much more aggressive. This is likely an effort by the Ing to stop Samus from returning the energy to Aether.
  • Samus discovers the Energy Transfer Module after defeating the Alpha Splinter in the Great Temple. If the chronology of the Ing’s attacking of Aether is similar to Samus’ throughout her journey, it can be safely assumed that had Samus not intervened, the Ing were very soon to conduct their final assault on the Great Temple and recover the last of Aether’s planetary energy.